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To some, mowing is a basic and necessary task.  For others, they see their lawns as an opportunity to shine and take pride in the details.  As an extremely detailed person, I take personal pride in bringing this level of service to your lawn!


Our customers range from those who just want Standard lawn care to those who want everything handled in one combined package.  We will design your services around your needs and budget.


All of our packages start with Standard Lawn service which includes the following:

  • We will mow your lawn every 5-9 days based on growth to make sure we are cutting no more than ⅓ of your grass. 

  • We will trim around all items; posts, trees, flower beds, and hard surfaces.

  • Finally we will blow any grass clippings from the hard surfaces and garden beds. 

Regardless of your Service Package, Iowa Lawn Pro takes pride in making your lawn look the best it can.  

We utilize the best commercial equipment for quality and state of the art technology to manage for efficiency and communication. 


If you're interested to see the level of service we can bring you, use the button below to identify the services you're interested in and request a quote!

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