pet waste cleanup

This service was born by a combination of the pets I have myself and understanding the constant effort it takes to clean up after them.

Also, as we mow and there is pet waste in the yard, we wanted another option other than just mowing over it.  This was especially true at pet friendly businesses, condo associations, and apartments where frequently the problem is a few people, but everyone has to deal with the poo.

What does our service include?


At each yard we walk the designated areas & pick up all the pet waste.  We haul it all off site and as with all our services, we verify your gates are closed and your yard looks great.


Our standard service options are:  year-round dog waste cleanup and removal service with once a week, twice weekly as well as one time cleanups (on call).

We want to help you maintain a beautiful and clean lawn.  We understand how you value having pets in your life.  We want you to have more time to love and enjoy life with your pets.  

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